Application Fee (Non-refundable)

This fee is required for each adult (18 years and older) member of the household during the application process. Application fees are not collected for minors.

Holding Fee (Non-refundable)

The holding fee allows us to reserve the home for you, preventing others from applying to lease it. If your application is approved, this fee is applied toward your move-in costs. However, if your application is denied or if you decide to cancel after approval, the holding fee is non-refundable.

Lease Administration Fee (One-time)

This fee covers administrative costs associated with processing the application and lease agreement. It is not based on the number of applicants on the application.

Convenience Fee (If Applicable)

A convenience fee of $35 is applied to payments made with credit cards or debit cards. However, payments made by ACH bank transfer do not incur any additional fees.

Application Change Fee (If Applicable)

This fee applies if you make changes to your application after it has been submitted, such as modifying the move-in date or adding residents or pets. It is not due at the time of application, but it's important to be aware of this fee in advance.

Insufficient Funds Fee (If Applicable)

If the banking institution reports insufficient funds for your payment, this fee may be applied. In such cases, you may be required to provide guaranteed funds within 24 hours to avoid cancellation of the application or lease agreement.

Before You Begin

Welcome to COTI DFW LLC

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you with the lease of your new home.


Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application. In addition to this rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a non-expired valid form of identification. Please note if the application fee is not paid at the time the application is submitted and all documents are not attached the application is considered incomplete and will be cancelled. Be prepared to pay a $250 ADMINISTRATIVE FEE after shortlisting ,150$ Move-in , $150 PET ADMIN FEE if you have pets. If approved, these fees are due in our office no later than 48 business hours after approval. If fees are not paid, the application is cancelled. Once fees are paid, move-in is no sooner than 7 business days from that date. Please note: If you wish to move into a property sooner than 7 business days after administrative fees are paid, there will be an additional $300 RUSH FEE due with the administrative fees.

In addition to the pet fee, a monthly pet rent charge will apply based on number and size of pets. To view our Pet Policy and view our restricted breeds, please visit our website at www.cotidfw.com

The following items are the leasing qualifications which each applicant must meet:

1. Income: You must have verifiable monthly income of at least 2.5 times net income or 3 times gross income of monthly rent. We have partnered with VeriFast to electronically verify employment and income. You will be emailed a link once you complete your application, which allows you to enter your information free of cost to you and VeriFast will provide the results to our office; below are the documents you may be required to provide:

a) A copy of your previous year’s tax return if self employed

b) Copies of your previous 6 month’s bank statements indicating a stable income source or a letter from your attorney of CPA certifying that your income meets our qualifications

2. Employment: You must have current, verifiable employment and provide two recent pay stubs. An applicant who does not meet all requirements (such as a full-time student) may require a co-signer who meets all requirements.

3. Credit History: We will process a credit report for each applicant. We will take into consideration medical expenses, student loans or prior discharged bankruptcy.

4. Rental History: Please provide three years of verifiable residency indicating no outstanding debt to the previous landlord(s). If you are breaking a lease with a current landlord, you must provide written release.

5. Age: You must be at least 18 years of age. All applicants who are 18 years of age or older must: 

a) complete an application, 

b) pay the application fee, and 

c) be listed on the lease as an occupant.

6. Automatic Rejection: Your application will be automatically rejected for any of the following:

a) Eviction by a prior landlord in the last 24 months;

b) Outstanding debt or unpaid damages to a previous landlord;

c) Undisclosed criminal record, felony or misdemeanor;

d) Being registered as a sex offender;

e) Conviction of possession or distribution of a controlled substance within the 36 months;

f) Conviction of spousal abuse or violent crime;

g) Currently pending the outcome of a felony or misdemeanor charge;

h) Bankruptcy in the past 5 years that has not been discharged/released;

i) Invalid social security number;

j) Outstanding federal tax lien, the repayment terms for which are not current;

k) False information on your application;

l) Incomplete application, including applicant signature on all pages of the application and this form;

m) Failure to pay the application fee at the time of application submission.

How it Works

1- Apply

Complete the Consultation form provided on our website or in person at our leasing office.

2 - Find

Browse our current listings that meet your specific criteria and preferences.

3 - Sign Lease and Make Payment

Carefully review the lease agreement provided & the amount of the deposit required as stated in the lease agreement.

4 - Move in

Making the move-in process easy and transparent for approved residents throughout the process.The estimated rental cost is disclosed.

Pet Policy

Applicable Fees

A non-refundable Pet Fee in the amount of $300 per un-caged pet will be charged prior to move-in. Additionally, monthly Pet Rent of $35 per month, per un-caged pet, will be added to your rent. Verified service or assistance animals are allowed and are not subject to the Pet Fee or Pet Rent.

Animal Liability Insurance Requirements for Specific Breeds

We understand that certain dog breeds get a bad rap. While we accept all dog breeds in our homes, if your furry family member is a Pitbull (Staffordshire Terrier) or Rottweiler, or mixed with those breeds, you will need to provide proof of supplemental Animal Liability insurance for at least $100,000 in coverage. That coverage can be part of your renter’s insurance policy or it can be a separate policy. 

You will be required to maintain the policy for the duration of the lease or for the length of the pet’s time in the home.

Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals

We welcome verified Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals into our homes without Pet Fee or Pet Rent. If you’re applying for a home with us, you will have an opportunity provide the information during your application process. If you're already a resident and need to register your Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal, please complete the form below. If you're registering a Service Dog, you will be asked to confirm that the dog is required because of a disability, and to identify the work or task the Service Dog is trained to perform. If you're registering an animal that provides emotional support, please provide appropriate supporting documentation that includes an opinion that: 

1) the requester has a physical or mental impairment; and 

2) that the animal is necessary because it provides therapeutic emotional support to alleviate a symptom or effect of the disability of the requester, and not merely as a pet.

Please use the form below to add any pets to your lease

Maintaning Your Home

Working Together with COTI.

As a renter, taking care of smaller updates and routine upkeep is an important responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your home. By working together with COTI DFW, you can create a positive living environment while minimizing potential issues and headaches. Regular maintenance and timely updates can help prevent larger problems from arising in the future. If you have any specific questions or need guidance on how to handle certain maintenance tasks, feel free to ask!

Resident Responsibilities

  • Routine lawncare: This includes tasks such as mowing the lawn, watering plants, raking leaves, and trimming bushes or hedges. Keeping the outdoor areas well-maintained contributes to the overall appearance and safety of the property.
  • Winterizing your home: During the colder months, it's important to take steps to prevent freezing of pipes and other winter-related issues. This may involve insulating pipes, sealing gaps, and ensuring proper snow and ice removal from walkways and driveways to prevent accidents.
  • Routine cleaning/maintaining appliances: Regular cleaning and maintenance of appliances, such as the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and washing machine, help keep them in good working condition. This includes tasks like cleaning the filters, removing debris, and addressing any minor issues that may arise.
  • Replacement of light bulbs & air filters: It's typically the responsibility of the renter to replace light bulbs as they burn out. Additionally, changing air filters every three months helps maintain good indoor air quality and prolongs the life of the HVAC system.

It's worth noting that while these responsibilities are common for many renters, they may vary depending on the specific terms outlined in your lease agreement or any additional guidelines provided by COTI DFW.

COTI DFW Responsibilities

  • Plumbing problems like a leaking faucet, burst pipes, or a running toilet, it is generally the responsibility of COT DFW or the landlord to address these issues.
  • Intermittent electrical issues, ensuring these systems are in working order and may arrange for repairs or maintenance.
  • COTI DFW typically responsible for addressing roofing issues to prevent further damage to the property.
  • AIR Conditioning repair or Heating systems

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